Over the last month, we have been implementing a new website design for Nick Clark Auctions (dot com).  We hope you like it.

The three primary motivators for this new site design were to make it better for you, our visitors, to comply with new search engine requirements, and to allow full functionality from our Auction Services feed.

First, we wanted to make it easier for you to find the auctions that interest you, and to help you find out the information you need to know about these auctions, such as what is being auctioned, what is the date of the auction, and where is it being held. We plan to put up regular posts on this page alerting you to some of our most exciting upcoming auctions. Check back here regularly to get the latest information.

Second, the major search engines are now requiring all websites to be “mobile-friendly,” meaning you should be able to view a website on a smartphone or on a tablet, as well as on a computer. This redesign of the Nick Clark Auctions website can now be easily viewed on any device.

Finally, the company that supplies the auction listings feed to our website, Auction Services company, tells us they can provide these listings feeds much better with this new design.

We hope you like this new design, and that you can find the site more interesting than ever, and even easier to find auctions you’d like to attend.