Preparing to Bid and Buy at an Auction

The following is a list of steps to follow when planning to participate at an auction. We hope they are helpful tips that make your attendance and participation in a auction successful and easy.

Contact Us

Here at Clark Auctions we are auction as well as real estate professionals and are prepared to supply you with information over the telephone (601-317-2536) or by email (please see our Contact Us page), about specific auctions or properties, as well as the auction in general.

Buying at Auction“Do your Homework”

Find out as much as you can about the property or items up for bid. On this website we have a page devoted to each and every auction property we list. You can gather important information from this page.

On our CONTACT US page, you can request one of our Property Information Packets; these packets contain photos, property descriptions, terms of the sale and disclosure, Purchase & Sale Agreement, property taxes & assessments, maps, plans and many other pertinent documents. Our packets are available to interested parties. We will be happy to mail a packet to you.

Inspect the property

Take full advantage of any Open Houses hosted by Clark Auctions. Remember, at auction, you are buying “as is where is”. Attendance at an “open house” inspection will allow you or your representative to see first hand what you are bidding on and help determine value and desirability. This will help you to bid more easily with confidence.

Prequalify yourself

With a real estate auction, there is never a mortgage contingency. Increase your comfort level by knowing your mortgage financing qualifications. Even before you decide on a property to buy, you can pre qualify yourself with a lender. It is best to know what you can afford to pay for the property before the auction, so you will be able to bid with confidence.

Attend an Auction

Check the local newspapers, the internet, or join our mailing list to be notified of auctions in your area. Attend and observe one or more auctions and familiarize yourself with the process before you attend an auction as a bidder. Auction companies differ in the amount of “due diligence” information they provide and how they conduct an auction. The auction process happens quickly so when you decide to buy, it’s important to know what to expect. If you have questions about buying at auction, email or call us.

Plan your bid strategy

Determine your bid limit after examination of the property and all available information. Be prepared to compete. Most bidders will be thinking at or around the same price range. The one who bids that number first, wins the day.

Register to bid

On auction day, it is to your advantage to arrive on-site one hour before the auction. By doing so, you will have more time to consult with our on-site staff, who are prepared to answer any last minute questions. Upon completion of registration, you will receive a Bidder Packet containing your bidding number and a copy of the Property Information Packet, including Terms of Sale, Purchase and Sale Agreement and other important documents.

Bid Aggressively

Until the “hammer falls” or you have reached your bid limit you should compete aggressively. There can be only one winning bidder for the property. You cannot buy at your price unless you BID your price. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BIDS!